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Wellness programs redefined! Intrinsic approach to motivate and engage all employees while creating a culture of productivity and appreciation. Educational, easy to follow Virtual Wellness to help employees adjust to working from home and ensure they are preventing aches and pain while taking care of their mental health and well-being. We also offer Power Breakfasts or Lunch and Learns combined with individual manual therapy sessions. All of our programs are designed to fit the culture, style and operation of all work environments to best align with your company’s values.

Attitude Gratitude

Thankfulness and appreciation – Recognize key triggers to seize the day.

Focus and Take Charge

Believe it, live it, achieve it! A practical approach to eliminate distractions and to conquer your short term and long term goals.

Poised for Success

Body language – Do you know what your body is telling you and what it says about you to others? Learn how your everyday habits impact your productivity and outlook.

Stress Management

Understand the relationship between, physical and mental health and learn to control the stress in your life.

Time Management

Organize, prioritize and synergize to maximize your day. An effective approach to managing your personal and professional obligations.

Manual Therapy Chair Massage

Experience the unique technique designed to decrease muscle tension, create neurological stimulation throughout the body for maximum potential and productivity.


Session times will vary based on number of employees and schedules.

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